Consular Services

Determining to discharge its historic task of elevating tourist, cultural and economic exchanges between Viet Nam and the United States to a higher level, the Consulate faciliatate expedited processing of all consular services, including:

- Entry Visas to Viet Nam (same-day/instant processing services);

- Certificate of Visa Exemption for Vietnamese who hold Foreign Passports or US Permanent Resident Card and their immediate family members;

- Legalization / Authentication of Paper originated from the US for use in Viet Nam;

- Passports for Vietnamese national;



Applicants of all Nationalities, including American Passport Holders, can apply for a Vietnamese Visa, by mail or in person, at the Consulate of Viet Nam in New York. 

1. The application includes:

- Original passport (with at least 01 month’s validity after the Date of Expiration of the visa and/or 06 months’ validity to meet airlines’ requirements. The Expiration of the visa will be 1/3/6 months after the Date of Entry).

- In case of urgency, a loose-leaf visa can be requested: 01 clear color copy of the passport’s personal detail page is submitted instead of the original passport. The loose-leaf visa then needed to be stapled to the passport.

- Application form (attached below): The form must be duly completed, signed and attached with 01 original photo (2 x 2 inches). For loose-leaf-visa request, an additional photo is stapled (Application form can be downloaded below).


- For all regular tourism and business visits: upon requested, applications can be processed instantly and the visa can be issued on the same day of receipt.

- For visiting guests, official/immediate family members or staff of UN/International Organizations/Foreign Embassies/Consulates in Viet Nam: the host organization in Viet Nam will send a note to the Consular Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, requesting for the visa to be available at the Consulate of Viet Nam in New York.

- For visiting guests of Vietnamese Government agencies, Vietnamese political/social organizations, guests of the President, Government, National Assembly, Minister/Vice-Minister, Provincial Chairman/Deputy-Chairman …:  the host organization in Viet Nam will arrange for the visa to be available at the Consulate of Viet Nam in New York.

- For visiting guests of NGOs, Universities, research/non-profit organizations and all others organizations/persons in Viet Nam: the host organization/person will submit application at the Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security (and relevant supervising organizations, eg. PACCOM for NGOs) for the visa to be available at the Consulate of Viet Nam in New York.

2. Turn-around time:

- Standard processing: 3 - 5 business days.

- Applicants have options to request for EXPEDITED processing (SAME-DAY of NEXT-DAY) if the travel date is close or the original passports has to be sent to other Consulates for visa application.

3. For the visa to be returned by mail, a prepaid and self-addressed envelope must be enclosed.

4. Fees can be paid in the form of MONEY ORDER / CASHIER’S CHECK / PERSONAL CHECK to “THE CONSULATE OF VIET NAM IN NEW YORK”. Cash is accepted for in-person-applications. Extra fee is requested for expedited processing.

For more information, please contact our Consuls:

- Business hours: From 09:00 to 17:30, all weekdays
- Telephone: 212-644-0594, 212-644-0831; 212-644-2535;
- Fax: 212-644-5732
- Email:
- Address: 866 U.N. Plaza, Suite 428, New York, NY 10017